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            for Self-Service AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics
            powered by and more

            Qubole Announces General Availability on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

            Turning Data Lakes into Profit Centers

            Our customers are processing over an exabyte of data per month



            Quboles customers are 100% successful processing an exabyte of data every month, in a time when 85% of big data projects fail to meet expectations.


            Apache Spark on Qubole
            Built for the Cloud

            Get started with Apache Spark
            for advanced analytics

            Spark for Data

            Qubole named a Leader in Big Data Processing, Machine Learning and Analytics by G2 Crowd


            Fastest Path To Big Data Success

            3x faster time to value

            Single Self-Service Platform

            End to end data processing

            Sustainable Cloud Economics

            50% lower cloud compute costs

            Massively Scalable on any Cloud

            10x more users per admin

            CASE STUDY

            AgilOne and Machine Learning @Enterprise Scale

            CASE STUDY

            Gannett puts data at its core to open doors for new business opportunities

            CASE STUDY

            Nauto saves valuable data-integration time to develop new products

            CASE STUDY

            MediaMath gives clients choice, flexibility and ownership over their data and insights with Qubole

            CASE STUDY

            TrafficGuard partners with Qubole in their reliance on big data processing to detect and prevent ad fraud

            CASE STUDY

            Spotad rebuilds and optimizes real-time mobile advertising bidding with Qubole

            Quboles customers benefit from our rich ecosystem of leading solution and technology partners.

            Using spot nodes with Presto on Qubole without sacrificing reliability
            PRESS RELEASE
            Qubole announces extended partnership with Google Cloud Platform
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